Starting from  09:00 AM

Registration, Coffee & Conect


Starting from  10:00 AM

Pop-up Performance | National Anthem: Karen-Happuc Odinenu

Powerful performance of our National Anthem by Karen Odinen

Starting from  10:10 AM

Opening Remarks: The Delegation of the European Union to Nigeria and ECOWAS

Starting from  10:20 AM

Opening Tea Conversation: Segun Adeniyi with Rotimi Olawale

Can Nigeria work for the youth?

Starting from  11:00 AM

Pop up Session I: Umar Khalifa

How we print hands for physically challenged children

Starting from  11:10 AM

Pop up Session II: Samson Itodo

When Youth Unite, we change Systems.

Starting from  11:20 AM

Pop up Session III: Abimbola Ipaye Aso Oke

Re-inventing aso-oke for Nigeria’s colourful occasions.

Starting from  11:30 AM

Pop up Session IV: Joy Osaruyi

Breaking stereotypes: My journey to being a mechanic

Starting from  11:40 AM


+30 Networking Break

Starting from  12:10 PM

Panel Session I

Anchored by Maryam Uwais (Special Adviser to the president of Nigeria for Social Protection Plan)
Simi Fajemirokun (Read2Succeed (R2S) Africa)
Dr. Shadi Sabeh ( Brilliant Footsteps Int'l Academy) ,
Crystal Ikanih Musa (Malala Fund)
moderated by Ajuri Ngilare (Channels TV)

Starting from  01:10 PM

Pop up session V: Nasir Yamama

Next Gen: Tech Driven Agriculture

Starting from  1:20 PM


1hr 10mins Lunch Break

Starting from  2:30 PM

Pop up Performance 2: Pamela Braide (Ediye collective)

Starting from  2:40 PM

Pop up session 6: Janet Wasinda (Search for Common Ground) with
Maryam Mohammed (Search for Common Ground)

Peace & Conflict Resolution: How to use our Voices to Build Bridges

Starting from  2:50 PM

Pop up session 7: Bukky Shonibare (Girl Child Africa)

Nigerians helping Nigerians: Our experience in Chibok and Benue

Starting from  3:00 PM

Panel Session 2: Pamela Braide, Bukky Shonibare (Girl Child Africa), Abimbola Ipaye (Traditions by Bimms), Session Moderated by Kimberly Nwachukwu (Nigeria Info)

Being Women in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities

Starting from  4:00 PM

Closing Tea Conversation: Oluseun Onigbinde (BudgIT)
with Rotimi Olawale, (Youthhubafrica)

We all have a role to play

Starting from  4:40 PM

Pop-up Performance 3: Dike Chukwumerije
(Simply Poetry Limited

Starting from  4:50 PM



Pop up session 1 by Umar Khalifa

  1. To jazz-up the D.A.R.E conference, artists including musicians, spoken word artists and poets have been invited to present pop-up performances that connect with the soul of our audience as well as sparks conversations relating to the theme of the conference, ‘Be Involved’.

Pop up session 2 by Samson Itodo

When Youth Unite, we change Systems

  1. Samson Itodo heads one of Nigeria’s foremost youth think tanks on democratic governance and citizens participation, Itodo’s excellent groundwork on the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign has not only spawned a global movement recognised by the UN, but has led to tangible results. His pop-up session will focus on how YIAGA has built a growing movement around the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign

Pop up session 3 by Abimbola Ipaye Aso Oke

Re-inventing aso-oke for Nigeria’s colourful occasions.

  1. Abimbola Ipaye tell us about her inspirational journey of starting her own aso-oke company, and building it to a recognisable brand amongst the trendy lagos community.

Pop up session 4 by Joy Osaruyi

Breaking stereotypes: Being a mechanic.

  1. The story of how Joy Osaruyi started working as a mechanic in a Male-dominated workplace, and the challenges she has encountered

Pop up session 5 by Nasir Yammama

Next Gen: Tech Driven Agriculture

  1. Nasir Yammama tell us about his educational career and his award winning invention of a farming support application that has helped farmers

Pop up session 6 by Janet Wasinda and Maryam Mohammed

Janet and Maryam will explore how young people can use their voices to build bridges across different religious beliefs and ethnic groups towards ensuring peace.

Pop up session 5 by Nasir Yammama

  1. Nigerians helping Nigerians: Our experience in Chibok and Benue Bukky will speak to how the Chibok girls have inspired her to mobilise support from everyday Nigerians to help in chibok as well as recently in Benue in response to the #BenueFlood

Panel Session 1 ‘Education and Jobs: Quick fixes and Long term goals’ Anchored by Anjuri Ngelale

The first Panel session themed: ‘Education and Jobs: Quick fixes and Long term goals’ brings together knowledge and experiences of advocates and change makers from various fields across the country.
The Panel session highlights issues,challenges and setbacks regarding Education and Jobs as well as proffering solutions and long term goals.

Pop- Up Performance 1 by kare-hapuch Odinenu

The first Pop-up performance will be the National anthem led by the Talented voice artist- Karen Hapuch Odinenu.

Pop-Up Performance 2 by Pamela Braide

This will be an engaging and mind blowing performance by Pamela Braide- an entertainer, music artist and a social activist on gender, leadership and human rights.

Pop-up Performance 3 by Dike Chukwumerije

Dike chukwumerije, a spoken word artist and director of Simply Poetry Art Tour takes Pop-Up Performance 3, He fuses poetry with other forms of art and entertainment to inspire, spark conversations and deep reflections

Panel -Session 2 Anchored by Kimberly Nwachukwu

The ‘All women Panel session’ themed ‘Being women in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities’. will comprise of female advocates and activists from various works of life who will focus on topical issues associated with gender. The panelists will share their experiences, knowledge , challenges as well as opportunities that can be used and maximized to promote women’s Economic, Social and Political development

Opening Tea Conversation with Segun Adeniyi and Rotimi Olawale

Segun Adeniyi, a Nigerian Journalist and Chair, THISDAY Newspaper Editorial board will be hosted on the Opening Tea Conversation, anchored by Rotimi Olawale (Founder Youthhubafrica). Segun will apply his vast and unique experience and acquired expertise in Journalism as well as working with Government as a media adviser to a former president and a former member of the board of NEITI in addressing the Theme: ‘Can Nigeria Work for the Youth?’

Closing Tea Conversation by Oluseun Onigbinde

The closing tea conversation will be taken by Oluseun Onigbinde(CEO BudgIT) who will speak on the theme: ‘We All have a role to Play’ , highlighting the fact that the development of Nigeria as a Nation is the responsibility and role of every citizen, and how we can all play a role, no matter how small in building the country of our dreams.